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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 26, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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anncr: their dishonest ads airg a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven. a high speed haae across
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state lines comes to an the peoppe whh were ttken into custody. the building that burned in a fire that could be seen for a chance for more rain tonight and tomorrow ....then coolerr temperatures. how low they could gooin myyskywatch forecas. forrcast. nd turning to a maryland blue crab to predict the weather. weather. what a crustacean named baltimore bill ii predicting about our winter. i'm jeff barnd barnd...and i'm jennifer gilber. breaking news...a high speed pursuittthat lasted for more sttp in north baltimore.sudden - &pbaltimore.thii was the scene along charles street just &pabout tww hours ago.the sttle vehicle that stateepoliceesay
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crashing into a street light.. the 17-year old driver was taken into custody aloog with a 14-year old girl who police say ii a runaway. the whole thing began just north of the pennsylvania.15 state police cars took part in the pursuit down i-83.there re no reports oo injuries. breaking news.../ ffom... south-east baltimore... as well...// police... rushed to the nner harbor.../ neer... boston and the... body... floating in tte water .. there.../.homicide... detectives are investigating ....nd thhre's more breaking news tonight... out of ocean city..hese are pictures... froo a fire at the "bradleyyon the bay" condo complex... at 37th streettkimberly doyle sent these picturrs to started just aftee 6 this for far... no seen injuries have been reportee a developnig story now... from the n-f-l... appears... the leeaue... aad... the refs.../ are.. getting closer... to a deal...//sports director... joinssus ham...
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now..///.bruce? bruce?they have been optimistic reports all day froo meeeing between the locked out referees and the all they are...reports... several sources are reportiig that the framework of a ddaa is in place that coollbring the regular referees back...maybe as soon as this weekend...thh two sides remmin peportedly haggling ooer remaining detailsone souuce says the difference is quote about two dollars...look for an announcement tomorrow...and there'' a possibillty the regular guys will; be in place this sunday..but rest assured. tomorrow night's ravens-browns game will be officiated by the replacements.. we'll update you onnany breaking news frrm the referee ffont...morgan adsit reports from owings miills and the oriolesin the pennaat racc.. that's all coming up at 10:50 n... unlimited3 apology... and fallout.../ from.... the... patrioos fan ...who trigggred... a... major... social media comments... about... torrey smith's.... deceased bro.
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brother. katie moody f baltimore released her apology today. keith daniels, &pstreammng ii the newsroom wit her staaement.... stttement.... and what experts say about the power of the internett. keith. keith. p jennnfer..... mmody is an employye at the johns opkins medicaa school since her controversial tweett after sunday night's game.... her boss wiih tweets and ooed - emaiis calling for her to be piree... well 3 it reads in part..... "i profounnly regret my completely inappropriaae &ppomment.. and i deeply lament caused.n it cauued. &p all f this started wwt moody's tweet soon after the ravens beat the atriotss suudayy... she said.. "hey smith, how about you call your brother and tell him about your win.. ohhh, wait, too soon?" ray rice even got into the game.. coming to hope you knnw the word karma." -
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went spreading across thee country. and tonight, one on-line expert says it's anooher example that shows the power and viral nature of the internet... and the need for what he calls.. social media (mr. white) "i maybb, i have a heightened sense of awareness of this thing, ut it does come to me as very nieee for a person to hink that when they put a picture on the internet, when they make a comment on the internet, when they share a thought on the internet, it can be ound and it will be dessite that apology.. more backlash on the internet. we've llarneddthere are several campaigns active on facebook now to get moody thrown out of ballimore. liie in the newsroom, keith that brings us o our questioo of the ddy. do you think moody's apooogy should put this witter controversy to restt rest?here's a look at our facebooo paae...hundreds of tonight...many of you do think
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&pher apology ends the pontroversy......but others are not ready to forgive her join the discussioo by going to facebook dot com lash fox- baltimore'll heaa from the "batman" streakee......and why he hit the field on sunday... in his own just 5 minutes on fox45 news attten questions... are... still being raised.../ about... that... broke ouu... in... towson... lass / weekend.../.pplice arrestee several people who were part of an unrull crowd. one man was even shot. melinda roeder tells us why the owner of thh ...was surprised at the size ..3 of the crowd crowd pstart with cell phoneevideo from youtube) captuued on pamera - and posted o pooice in towson last hows unruly crowd - with anines and pepper spray.brian rrcher says he tried tt help police pain cootrol.13:13:27:07 "asking them nice. ttey weee just into being here. just a big crowd of people and they didn't want to leave."the
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angry crowd was upset after beinn turned away frrm aa event at brian reeher's had beennrented by a praternity for a fundraiser. people to attend. but more 13:21:56 "it was said that we - sold zero. it was first come fiist served."recher says he's not sure how so many people even knew about the event. it was never posted on the theater's website.but itt appears sscial media helped spread the word. - thanks, in part, to an outside promoter. 13329:44-54 "we've had outside promoters for jam bands, rrck bands, for emo bands... for charities.""(bite from tuusday pkg) "and i've got a real problem with someone who does that because they have a responisbilitt to maintain not only order withhn their premises, but those who are county executive kevin kamenetz... expressing concern. &precher's concerned too. p3:28:00 our business s affecttdd becaase of this..he prevenn trouble. and even after the crowds cleared... he
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and his staff elped clean up the sttrets.á13:28:46 "weehad trash ags."now he just hooes thissone... crazy crowd... won't put his bussness or liquor license in jeopardy. 13:28:16 "it's something that happened that we couldn't control."melinda roeder - fox 45 news aa ten. recher... says... many people... who tried... getting... into the theater... afterr.. it... was full... / came... from... p---g... county...///. pfter... another event - / in... p-g... county was canceled. is now under new ownership... but not without controversy! controverry!myraada stephens is liveein norrh baltimore...with hy the theater's formmr owwer iss givinggthe deal tto thhmbs down! 3jjnnifer, the city approved a ppan today to sell the historic senator theater to its current owners for half a million dollars! but the the deall.. is a half a ays million dollar sham! 3 nnts of senator screen!!!it's no onger owned by the city of - baltimore. 30:02 this is a good deal becauseethis is a histooic landmark that needs viableeculture icon for the
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city 12 today - the city's board of estimates approved a plln to sell the histtric senator theaareeto its current opprators... for half aa million dollars. as part of the deal - the operators - who took over the financially &pstruggling theater ii 2010 - agree tt pay back the money to the city over the next lanquished under the revious ownership . thhy have a plan pnd i'm connident they're going to get the job done 22 but he theater's former kiefaber alls thh deel a sham! he says the city violated moving forward - without a publii hearing! 3547 it's a you cannot give it to a sitting (sic) commisioner with pll the controversy involved without having a public hearing 55 kiefaaer also saass the milliins of dollars in renovations the theater is now undergoing is all a waste once the new mult-plex movve theattr in tooson opens up.
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4122 the arrival of the 6 plex in towson is the absolute death now foo the plannof first run films in whatt they're creating at the senator which hhs been niiknamed the dinky plex 33 mayor stephanie ttere's no coomarison. 3109 s - they're noo builddng a ssnator up there. ttey''r building a the three million dollar auditoriums and a restaurant. n- thh nee owners say the plan is baltimore, ms, foo45 ews at ten. a shooting takes the life of a man in north bbatimore.. &pbaltimore..police were called tt old york road today byy relatives of the's belleved david irving was shoo last night n this alley. neighhors say he then an into his basement where a family 04:47:48"right now i'm numb, iim ust tryinn to stay stron and maintain for family sake. everybody is dealing with it
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inntheir own way. way.police say they do not &phave any suspects. 3 the ... maryland... ood &p food... tt hundreds ... ...of... llid off steelworrers.../ and... their familiess.. karenn parks is live from the united steel workers union hall and ssys former ddnors to the mobiie pantry pantry are now getting much needed help.... help.... hundredssoo laid off steelworkers and theirr &pfamilies rapped around this building earller today to take advantage of the mobile pantry......many say it was workers say it was the least they could do.... do.... (nats)(49:35)we got cabbage.....(nats of cans) here in dundalk.......ssirits are lifted.....(58:31)we hhav over 100 volunteers who are laid off steelworkers down the moreethan sixxy thousand butes - pounds of food to sparrows point steelworkers.....laid off last june.....(38::7) yesterday we served almost
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30000peeple and that was about 926 families......(50:000we got cucumbees and cabbbge maam....mike lewis a uuion rep officer has worked at sparrows poont for more than 30 years.....he hands out fruits ann vegetables......canned goods.....ann even food for membees re being challengedd &pin ways hat we haveen't been ccallenged at ssarrows ppint befooe...more than 2000 workers werr laid off hen the last owner of he mill declared bankruptcy.....the workkrs unemployment and healthcare benefits remain ncerttin.... responsibilites to our family its hard to keep p so we got todo whatever we go to dooto pet by.....tom triffiths......stood in the linn his morning that wrapped around thh united steelworkers union hall...(45;19)we take every bit of help you can get whhn you are stuck in a situatiin like this....but to the maryland food bank...... (54:34)you got it okay.....its
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not a hand out......(38:56) piddll class families are really being hit hard by this recession and its nottgging tt stpe anyyime soon these are faces of hungerr....its a new - haad....(39:07)(cover)these are people hat have donaaed to theefood bank for years ann no they are relying on us.... 3 events like this one are planned thoughout the fall to help laid off steelworkees as &pthey search for jobs and plan the... batman streaker.../ not... to... be with... a replacementt.. ref.../ is... speaking out.../ days... after... interupping ... the,.. ravenn game. 3 markkharvey ran onto the fiild monday wearrng nothhng but cape aad an anti- bullying -me. he's the same guy who was arrested foo ssreaking on harvey ssoke with us today on fox45 morning news to eeplain why hees at ittagain. "" got a cause behind it, i
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thought it would be a good way to get my causeeout theer like a superhhro, you know everyone can be a superhero, just make a frieed, stand up for someone that's being bullied and maybe try to stop peoppe from getting hurt." hurt." that seels anti-buulying tee - t-shirts, wristbands and gained support rom talk showw host ellee degeneris who gavee him a capeewith her ffce on it. 3 the cost of breakfast... goinggup...the reasons you'll be paying ore.... for bbcon...later on fox45 ews at ten "thats not american"&american" make english... the official language in carroll county.. ... why supporters say... it could saveemoney... after the
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the american civil libertiis union calls it "pointllss" aad "mean spirited"...a push to maae english the officiall introduccng the measure says - it sn't a adical idee...he's states across the country. 31 coontty.jennifer,commissioner haven shoemaker says this is all about aasimilation.he says he has a lot of supporters...but there arr others who hhve brought up the wwrd racist. racist. in haapsttad, patriooism is on display on main street.'s hard to iid a the u-s.tucked away nearby is the law office of commissioner haven shoemaker.tomorrow he will introduce an ordinanne, language of ccrroll county:l county:"we're asking eople
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do t in engllsh, if they want to speak farsii, swhilli, ave at it, do so" shoemaker says it's all about assimilation and cutting costs in the future. future.after tomorrow's inttoduction...there will be a pubbic hearing next monthif approved, it will go into pffect immediately immediately"i thiikkit's raaist" racist"'it makes me feelllike thee don't ant ethnicities in westminsterrit also hits a somber note for...anna thompson...a brazilian who 18:"why is this necessary, 18: what are people afraid of" pf""they want to know where my whitt hood was, it was backlash...shoemaker sayss he's ready to introduce his ordinance...whiih he says
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doesn't exclude anyone...only preserves what he cherishes the most: most:"ttaa's not american, guess in westminster that's not okaa" if approved, carrool county and ueen anne's county...who have both made engliss their official language.janice ark, fox45 news attten. former ... "amerrcan idol" contestant... adam lambert .../ is... singinn in support... p of... same sex marriage pn marylandd the... singer ...performeddat a fundraising concert ...ii dc... last &pnight.../ tt... pay for t-v . the coming weeks..../ martin o'malley... signed the - pivil marriage protection acc... into law... last spring.../.but... ...started a petition s - drive.../, gatherinn... enough signatures put &ptheeissue... to a vote. lambert says: "it's a vote something that the people can nothing to do with if you're republican or democrat. it's
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totally non--artisan. it's maryland residents... will have the chance to vote... on question 6... in november. a... private atttrney... is... hired... to... defendd.. anne arundel county executivee.. john tax-payerss.. are footing the justice reporttr joy lepola... ssys.../ that... bill.../ already thousand ddllars. ((pkk))as the hours add up to defend anne arundel county executive john leopold so is recently county attorneys were reprrsenting the embattled a ppivate attorney has been hired ecause of a conflict of interest.13:14:04 it lookk to me like inntte leopold caae ther have bben certtan county employees who have been interviewed orrgiven dispositions whose positions &por ttstimonies might be contrary to thattof mr leepold at 450 dollar an hour, more than 20 thosuand dollars f taxpayer money has gone toward leopolds legaa fees and that's over a tto week period. marta
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mossburg is with the maryllnd public policy institute. 13:57::0 his is just one more example of why leopold should resign. i mean there should be no ttxpayer dolars spennt office.the civil lawsuit is --3 that's been filed against leopold alllges sexual harassment.joan haaris is one of the women invvlved.(harris) there are really many things phat happened in that office that are wrong or immoral and people need to e held accountalbe for.leopold maintains he did nothing wrong... but proving it will not come law, the county is on the hook to help taxpayers.13:57:55 pressure leopold tooresign and also for abuse of the power of his office and he is not servingg the peopll well and hee shouldn't be taking theirr money to pay for this especially at a time when everyysingle budget in he
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state is strapped.even if expected to reeay hhs legal e - fees. damaaessare a differeet story.13:15:49 if hey jury says yesshe acttd with actual malice the county will not be obligated under the law to pay any money damages that are aaarded he'd beeresponsible for that individually.innanne arundee county joy lepola fox 45 news at ten. with... thh... threat ... of... more lawsuits... &pbeing filed.../// some.. say... the... amount ... paid out... to ccver leopold's... legal fees .../ willl.. exxeed... huudreds of 3 wwathee>> 3 33 3 3 &p3 3 3
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the thiig... in this man's beard.......hat he uses... to make ábeeráin aaout 20 minutes on fox45 news at ten 3 o'malleyy 07:30 "on a personal level i get along with well." buu when it omes to politics... ttey are two governors that don't get along. cominggup inn ur over story.... wwht's fueling the beltway battle.
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krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean one hundred ninety nine million a year... for schools...gaming revenue that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. they... sharee.. a border... with... the nation's capitol../. and... the... same ambition/ ammitions.../// have comes to politics..e're &ptalking abbut the governors o maryland and virginia.. two statee compared aalot lately in the national tonight'sscover story - melinda roeder takessa look at a very unique beltwayybattle. battle. (file video of i-95 or 495) separated merely by a river... and a few roads...marrland and
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virginia.... ave much in common... but not when it comes to leadershipp(nbc local nnws clip - video from yyutube) o'malley: 07:30 "on a personal level i get along with governor mcdonnell, fairly pollticssjohn dedie: 5:22:24 have to work togetherr but thhre's the rivalry too." politicaa aaalysts say it's rivalryybetween o'mallee,,aa democrat - and virginia's republican governor bob mcdonnell.john dedii: 15:22:05 "i think eaah of these gentlemen seeeeach other as a possible future rival on the national stage. and i think thiss s kind of the lot lately in the national a media - appearing together on sunday talk shows - where they've taken shhts at each other... aan their esppctive parties.(cnn - februury 2012) o'malley: 05:30 "we could cceate joos a lot faster, governor cdonnell, if your paaty were not captive ... you wanna keee everything from happening."job creation - is one area where these two men have taken different piotechnology. poliiy experts say it's a perfect fit n a state full of medical researchers. anirban basu:
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10:26631 "at this poinn, that in the woold. what is ffsutratinn about that is that we ave not created large companies and more jobs thrrugh entreprenuership and innovatiin."whereas virginia has lured new businesses with tax rates - and fewer orate - plan - is paying off.basu: 10:20:17 "viigiiia'' &punemployement rate is less than six percent. maryland's unemployment is... about 7.1 percent."more alarming - is that maryland's unemployment rate has increased steadiiy over the last seven month. this, whill the nation's jobless rate has fallen..asu: 10:20::0 "if you look at it from the perspective of economic impact, viiginia appears to be winning."and virginia's governor is happy republican goveenor's t.(from association clip)mcdonnell: 1:18 "seven of the the ten states with the lowest unemployment rates in america are governed by republican governors..turns out - pcdonell and o''alley on't see eye-to-eye on taxes either. o'malley has pushed to raise them every year since taking &pgone for the taxes."by raisin
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taxes and romoting casinos - o'malley has raised enough revenue to retain government services.his virginian them.... basu: 10:20:02 "thh virginians hhve tended to emphasize cuts in taxes or holding the line on taxes. so state governmeet has shhunk pore quickly there."but mcdonnell's fforts have ssccessfflly ttrnnd tte commonwealth's deficit nto a surplus.("state of the commonwealth address" from the pbs newshour youtube clip) &p2:04--2:133"by working toggther, we've eliminatee 6 billion dollars in budget phortfalls, not by raising taxes, but reforming government and reducing republican commercial) and while singing virginia's praises -- mcdonell made muuic with this commercial -- (natsound offmusic) featuring bbues music and headlines about o'malley's tax record. dedie: 15520::5 "in many ways, using marylanddin an odd way assa whipping boy, saying look - i'm not raising taxes. here'' what my tate is going" in many ways their fight - is america's fight.... basu: 10:32:38 "the debate between respect to the appropriite aapropriate level of taxation
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precisely the sameedebate that between barack obamm and the democrats and mitt romney and the republicans."adding fuel to the feud is speculation that oth men could e candidates for president one they're both gonna make an - ox 45 news at ten.da roeder - ironically - o'malleyyii chair of the democratic governor's association. p3&bob mcdonnell heads the association. 3 a worldwide shhrtage affecting he price of pork. how much more you'll paying to bringghome the bacon. "tell us it's gonna be a warm winter!" (laughter) (laughter) and forget punxsutawney phil predicting or ur winter is weather.
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3 3 legendary singer [ male announcer ] airtran airways is having a sale.
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which means our already low fares...are even lower. that's like making the grand canyon...grander. or the great lakes...greater. or the rocky mountains... rockier. you know what i mean. lucky for you, airtran offers flights to destinations like these across the u.s. we just made something awesome, awesomer.
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airtran is having a sale with flights starting at 69 dollars one-way. all with wifi. book today at go. there's nothing stopping you. book today at legendary singer andy williams has died. died.---singing nats---- nats---- williams died last
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night at his home in branson, misssuri.... after a year-long battle with bladder cancer. the crooner was known for movii themes....his most famous.... "moon river"... from "breakfast at tifffny's." he also had a successful t-v &pcareer, and was knownnfor his &pchristmaa special. wife, debbie,,and his three - chiidren. he was 84- years-old. rebels, .. armed with explossies... and ggns, .... attacked... a... syrian much like... the pentagon-- today. this... ...////state... television reports,... four 14 people...hurt...///. the... attaccers ...reportedll used... two suucide ar bombs... in... their aasault... on the military faciiity,.../ in damascus....// the... free... syrian &pprmy... claimed responsibility... for the attack. a recall of peanut butter that starteddwitt 2 varieties at "traderrjoes"... expannssto 76 ncludinn some sold at stores 6 in marylann maryland30 people in 19 statee have been infected with salmonella, including 1 person here in maryland. maryland.tte expanded recall
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peanut butter... sold at giant and marttns. disease control has a lot more on this salmonella outbreak... go to fox-baltimore dot com if... you... like... bacon... with eggs.../// in... the morning,.../ you'll... be... paying more...///.that... britain's... which... - shortage... is unavoiddble. - unavoidable.the... summmr's drought ... bbame... / peaving... farmers ...with less cornn.. animals...//.the... number oo sllughtered drop... by... - ten- percent..../ doubling... the....pricc of pork next year. &pin the world of eather-- now, maryllnn has a crab. crab.'baltimore bill'... forecast ... p his... first winter... this morning... at... the inner haabor...///. gessler... was there,.../ says.../ pet... the parkas... out...//. out...//. on baltimore's first wednesday "ttdayy i'm getting hott"jayla foot and her friends want to know what winter has ii store. jaylaa "i don't necessarily
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sledding, but i predict he's gonna do that because the ce caps areemelting."womann "i think hh's gonna tell us it's gonna be a warm winter!!" ((aughttr)man: "i'm hoping for an early winter." "i believe so. i mean, you know, would bill do anythinggeese?" very special local.""his "a bill!"bill: is baltimore bill-- a maryland blue crab who wws tapped to predict the weather this winter.jayla at the inner harbor, bbll walked the plank.announcer: is taking off and he's right l for the early winter, nd he's dept. of natural resources: - "dropped him on the rrmp and he just took off to the early winter side."boy: "whennthe man put him down, he immediately went to early winter."jill pratt, old bay: "wasted no time getting out there to some warmer climaaes." man clapping larry collmus: "he knows what'ssgoing on, and so i think everybody should start buyingg teir winter gear right now.""irl: "mmreesnow you happy with that?" girl: re "kinda!"of course, jayla was foot: "i think he's not a weather-predicting crab. i think he's just a regular one." skepticism aside, crabs do
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have bit of a crystal ball claa. steve vilnit, aryland dept. of natural resources: "thh crabs know before e do what weather's going on and what's going oohappen."in baltimore,steve: "they can sense ittthat it's time tooget out offhere and get to warmer water."paul gessler,steve: "and, that's whaa baltimore billldid tooay."fox45 news at ten.announcer: "an early wintee!" in... bill's... official biography, .../ sponsor 3 ... old bay seasoning... ssggests ...'baltimore bill'... ccnsults... t--... meteoooo. meteorologists. and if he wants to bb dead- on, heeconsults meteorologists like vytas reid 3 3 3
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the hubble space telescope just capuured an aaazing new pi. picture.this... deep field"/......and... combines pictures... the same part of &pthe sky ... over... 10 years...///.it... shows... about... 6---thousann.... 13-billion....years old.../ scientists ... believe... the universe... yearssold. 3 "you're really noo drinking the bearddyou're drinking a have a yeast in it thattcomes from a beard." a brewery making beerd became their secret hair - a family oo an anti-cancer crusade.hoo going to the raven's game tomorrow... might end up saviin your life.... &, breakinggnews now... out of
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norrh baatimore... and just over an hour ago, a woman and a small child were shot in near gorsuch avvnue. when police arrived ... the suspect was gone. while they were trying to find out what happened with thee oman,
10:45 pm
theyyfound the chill a short diitance awaa. the victims injuuies are not believed to this y coming up on the late eei at eleve tomorrow night... fans will will watch the rrvefight the browns......but will also bb able to begin a fight... against skin ccer.kattleen cairrs tells uu about one ravens fan... who llst his ...and she tells us about the easy way you can get screened t. tomorrow. (two shot)"we've been season ticket holders om the close)"we wenttto the he co fam superbowl"as she shows off &pwayne's old jerseys.... sh to wayne's widow. (lisa close)"he had a small ooe on his back his left shoulder... ""voice
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you are stage foorrwith the melanoma there are not many options or alot of options for &ppreatment"(samantha)"i was 13 when he paased away...and it was really hard.. because i was graduatiig 8th grade and it was big deal and he wasn'ttthere for it."(lisa close)-pausee its horrible.. horrible diseese and to see a strong man like that go down was an awful experience." buu thats what 'mmhoping with this ravens caapaign and that.. it gets the word ut to the most curable and treatable when it is caught early" there screening at ravens stadium thursday night... ((tandup)"melanoma is thh leaaing form of cancer for young people it can be caused by strong sun rays ssmething samantha wants to get across to her friends"(samantha) "i try to tell people one bad sunburr now..could come back pnd hurt you in a couple f
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yearr..." the ssinchcombs also have started he annuaa big orange bull and shrimp melannma research. (mom closs)"unfortuuately we didn't caach ittearly eeough but if you do the screenings you caa get rid of it and people wont have o go through whht we weet thrrugh"the stiichcombs caa make aadifferrnce... for othee familys... at ravens stadium kc fox 45 neww at 10 3 pnn.. oregon brrweryys.../ new blend ...ii....raising eyebrows,.../ and... 3ay... evenninclude... a few. - the... rogue developing... an... ale.../ the... beard... of their... award-winning ... brewmaster,...// john maier.../ a... beard... which hasn't been cut... since... a... six- pacc cost... under woo bucks. .../apparently,.../ they... harvest... new,,.. yeaat strains.../ from... ome of their... own... hop-- yards.../ but... nothing deeelloed...//,... 3&"we had our lab guyytake pouppe of swwbs, by putting a
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q-tip n here, or taking a thought about it (chuckling) said, whattver,,you know (laugh" amazingly,... the... lab guy... fouud a yeast cell,.../ did... "beard eer" was born. 3from... from... outerspace to the ocean floor.... as carrie peirce reports in tonight's word on the web, google has unveiled the underwater qqivalent of its &p"street view" maps. 3 3 you can now explore the great barrrer reef - wwthout ever water. google to offer high d up with definition underwater
10:49 pm
panoramas of thh rref to a specially designed camera explored depths between 33 and 100 meters -- a region that pakessup 93 pprcenttof the reef..tenssof thousands of images have been stiched &ptogether to create the virtua dive in the hopes it will change is affecting theereef. the lead ssientiss behind the project, says ii could even bring sooe unexpected surprises. "we alreaay found a new species of seahorse and types of corals that have never been seee before." people will even be able to help scientists ith the study by hellinggto measure the size of the coral and the numbbr oo 3 3if it's a success, the project pold be eepanded to other peirce and thats your word on the web. &pp3 the orioles break out the long ball toniiht...the pennant race is on!bruce ighlights...neet in sports and a thousand health insurance pllns... rrted by consumer reports...the surprising thing that all of the top 10 companiis have ii
10:50 pm
common...after the break 3&the yannees won earlier today, so the orroles
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
found themselves trailing by twoofull games in the american league eest as theyytook the field tonightagainst toronto...this wiih just 7 more to must win a situation as can be imagined... imagined... .....rookie miguel gonzalez on the bump for the o's......and the jays waste no time getting to him, in the op of the
10:53 pm
first,edwin encarnncionndeep po left, solo shot, jays ahead 110...... but tte o's annwered, jim home in the fifth, visits the flaa court, his third of the year, o's kkot it up at 2..... later in the inning, chris davis blows it open,.. deep to the center field bleachers,his 27th of the year, 6-2 o's..... and then the ffllowing inning, mark reynolds... the sherriff... layin down the law, his 23rr, o's ahead 8-2. tying a franchise record, and win by core of 12-2. 1 andd a half games back of the yanks. it appears tonight that the nfl's replaccmmnt reeerees are finally,,blessedly onntheir ay oot...there have been optimistic reporrs all day coming out of negotiations between the leaaeand the referee's uniin.. union.. seeeral sources re reporting thatttte framework of aadeal is in place thaa culdbring the regularrreferres back...maybe s soon as this in meetings tonight, rrportedlyyhaggling over
10:54 pm
remaining detailsone source says tte difference is quute about two ddllars...look ffr an announcement tomorrrw...and there's a possibility the regulaa guys will; bb in place tomorrow night's ravens-browns game will be officiattd by the 3&much more ccming up aa 11:30 as sports unlimited ccntinues p3 finding... &pa... good one... of he most ...important decisions... you... can make...// and it's just gotten a ot easier. as patricc sanders explains... insurers are now requiied to use aanew form english deductibles, co-pays, and other costs. 3 ((pat n cam))consumer reports' juss-released analysis of almost a thousand healthhcare plans can also help you make better choices. (v/o)whhn kate evans was freellncing, she says ttying toosort through health-innurance chhices was a nightmaae..sot: kaae evans) "the options werrn't really straightforward, and it was very confussng as to whht you peally got. pages of information that just didn't make sense."(v/o)consumer
10:55 pm
medicare, and medicaid health-insuranne plans ranked quality assurance, or n-c-q-a, a nonprofit accreditation organization. (sot)"the rankings take a nnmber of factors into consideration, including customer patisfaction and how good a job the plan does on treatment and prevention." (v/o)on the plus ssde - the quality of care has improved. but ponsumer reports says there are troubling trends as well. (sot: nancy metcalf)"there are treatmeets and tests that have been shown not to be helpful, yet research shows many are still being overused. that's not only aawwste of money, but you could nd uppgetting treatments that are unnecessary, ann sometimes even dangerous." (v/o)turns outtthe providers of the top ten private ppans are all nonprofits.(sot: nancy metcalf) "that means thee don't haae to worry about turning a profit or pleaaing their customers..(v/o) inntte rankings, big name for-profit coopanies - humana - had more private nd - shopping foo insurance, a new
10:56 pm
&pform will make the rocesss meecalf)"for the firstttime, every plan will have a form that looks exactly the saae, &pwhich will make it much easie (v/o)so people wwll have a e.""- mucc easier time comparing diffeeent policies. ((pat on cam))a note aaout he rankings consumer reporrssused in its analysis: insurance company plans that are accredited byy the n-c-q-a are allotted a certain number of points. not all insurance plans aree accredited... and ssme are accredited by anotter organnzation. there is a fee involved for any accreditationn consuuer accreddted is an important step bbcause it shows insurers are willing to report on their &pled to improved performance. patrice sanders, fox45 nnws t corn says: " i don't now that i haveethat much of a twang but i don't think peeple havee lost their twang " " are texans losing their twang? the reason researcherss say their dialect is fading.
10:57 pm
3&...and coming up in just 5 minutes on the lateeedition... eeition... a double shooting in north baltimore informaaion on the police investigation. 3 and a man pulled over for drunk driving.why he'' blaming his blaming his pet squirrel... for his arrest..
10:58 pm
aú krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help.
10:59 pm
the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean one hundred ninety nine million a year... for schools...gaming revenue that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. place... to take shortcuts. what to do if you can't afford that


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